Thermo-Tech Inc. School of Medical Thermology

Do you want to offer Thermography Screenings at your clinic?

Nancy Gardner-Heaven offers Comprehensive Breast and Full Body Thermography Screenings in numerous locations through out the Bay Area and Hawaii.

Requirements for are:

1. You must have an active database of predominantly women patients who are interested in these services.

2. You would be willing to host and promote a free presentation at your facility or community center on: The Clinical Application of Medical Thermography, Preventing Breast Cancer and a DVD on “How to do Your Own Breast Exam”.

3. You need to sign a contract that if in the future you decide to start offering thermography at your facility you exclusively use Nancy Gardner-Heaven’s Diagnostic Thermology Laboratory, Thermo-Tech Inc. for all your thermography reports.

4. Your clinic is within a 2.5 hour drive from the S.F. Bay Area or you cover travel expenses.

For more information and details on the financial arrangement call (209) 881-3044