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Nancy Gardner-Heaven - Pioneer in the field of Medical Thermology, has been instrumental in changing the paradigm of breast health. Her research has proven that many surgeries for pre-cancerous conditions are unnecessary and these conditions can be reversed by lifestyle and dietary improvements.


Monitoring the breast with Thermography is safe and accurate as there is no harmful radiation or painful compression. Nancy is board certified by the American Board of Thermology at Auburn University and continues to offer Comprehensive Breast Screenings as well as Full Body Thermography Scans in numerous mobile locations around the Bay Area and in Hawaii.


Dr. Nancy Gardner is the author of a research on Reversing Ductal Carcinoma in Situ and preventing other diseases.

Women Helping Women

10% of all profit goes to support women with breast cancer so they are empowered with knowledge to make intelligent decisions about their breast health. If you know of someone who needs support tell them to call for a free consultation: (209) 881-3044.

Thermography Breast and Full Body Scans

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Thermo-Tech Inc.

Diagnostic Thermology Laboratory and School of Medical Thermology.
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