Thermo-Tech Inc. School of Medical Thermology

Do you want to offer the best quality Breast and Full Body Thermography Screening but need be trained as a Technician of Medical Thermology. This course will help you to become top in your field to offer your patients a high quality very accurate Thermography screening as well as a deeper understanding of their breast health and empowerment them to make informed decisions about health care. We only use state of the art Medical Grade Infrared Camera and Equipment. and offer Nancy Gardner-Heavens 30+ years as a Certified Technician of Medical Thermology by the American Accademy of Thermology at Auburn University.

This certification program for a Technician of Medical Thermology is available for anyone with a medical background and training in anatomy and physiology and HIPPA rules such as an Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Medical Doctor, Chiropractor or Registered Nurse.

Training includes:

  1. Assistance helping you find a Medical Grade High Resolution Infrared Camera with the appropriated laptop computer to accommodated the advanced diagnostic program necessary for precise diagnostic abilities.
  2. Hands on experience as a Technician of Medical Thermology with the equipment and one on one with your patients.
  3. Basic procedures necessary for the running and maintenance and marketing of a Thermography Practice.
  4. All the necessary documents and handouts needed to function as a Thermography Clinic.
  5. A training manual for all procedures and techniques for acquiring images, intake of patient’s history and manual breast exam and how to map these findings on the intake form and educating patient about the resultsĀ.
  6. Power-Point presentations to educate the public on: The Clinical Application of Medical Thermography, Preventing Breast Cancer and a DVD: How to do Your Own Breast Exam.
  7. You will need to sign an contract committing to exclusively use Nancy Gardner- Heaven’s Diagnostic Thermology Laboratory; Thermo-Tech Inc. for all your thermography reports or pay for an advance train with Nancy Gardner in her Certification Program as a Marseilles Classification Technique of Thermology Diagnosis for an additional cost.

Cost for Certification Training for Technician of Medical Thermography: $25,000 plus all your travel expenses.

For more information call or text Nancy Gardner-Heaven’s Cell: (415) 300-6527

All aspects of this contract including price are subject to change without notice.