Thermo-Tech Inc. School of Medical Thermology

Do you want to offer the best quality Breast and Full Body Thermography Screening to your patients but need help to purchase a high quality Medical Grade Infrared Camera and Equipment and be trained as a Technician of Medical Thermology?

Our certification program for a Technician of Medical Thermology is available for any Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Medical Doctor, Chiropractor or Registered Nurse.

Training includes:

  1. Assistance helping find for you to purchasing at a reasonably price: A Medical Grade High Resolution Infrared Camera with the proper computer for the diagnostic program.
  2. Hands on experience as a Technician of Medical Thermology with the equipment one on one with your patients as well as the basic procedures necessary for the running and maintenance of a Thermography Practice.
  3. All the necessary documents and handouts needed to function as a Thermography Clinic.
  4. A training manual for all procedures and techniques for acquiring images, intake of patient’s history and manual breast exam “mapping”.
  5. Power-Point presentations to educate the public on: The Clinical Application of Medical Thermography, Preventing Breast Cancer and a DVD on “How to do Your Own Breast Exam”.
  6. You will need to sign an contract committing to exclusively use Nancy Gardner- Heaven’s Diagnostic Thermology Laboratory; Thermo-Tech Inc. for all your thermography reports.

Cost: $5,000 plus all travel expenses.

For more information call: (209) 881-3044

All aspects of this contract including price are subject to change without notice.