Thermo-Tech Inc. School of Medical Thermography™

Do you want to offer the best Thermography Breast and Full Body Screenings at your clinic?

Nancy Gardner-Heaven 28 year of experience not only trains Technicians of Medical Thermography but also how to work with surgeons and further objective means of evaluation for those with suspicious screenings.

Requirements for are:

1. You must have an active database of predominantly women patients who are interested in these services.

2. You would be willing to host and promote a free presentation at your facility or community center on: The Clinical Application of Medical Thermography, Preventing Breast Cancer and a DVD on How to do Your Own Breast Exams.

3. You need to sign a contract that if in the future you decide to start offering thermography at your facility you exclusively use Nancy Gardner-Heaven’s Thermo-Tech Inc.  Diagnostic Thermology Laboratory™ for all your thermography reports.

4. Your clinic is within a 2.5 hour drive from the S.F. Bay Area or you cover travel expenses.

For more information and details on the financial arrangement call (209) 881-3044