Reversing Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) or Early Breast Cancer

This case study designed by Nancy Gardner-Heaven was presented at the Medical Conference of The American Academy of Thermology at Auburn University in 2004 and published in the Townsend Letter. It has proven that in 80% of the women in the study following this protocol to have reverse the signs of DCIS when using Medical Grade Infrared Imaging or Thermography as a monitoring tool.

Images before and after following Nancy Gardner’s Protocol



Atypical Feature or DCIS at Points 1-3



Atypical Feature completely gone Point 3&4



The Truth About Breast Cancer:

Who made us believe that Cancer is irreversible? Most cancers are years in the making before they are palpable (the size of a pea). With Thermography as a breast-screening tool we can see changes in the breast indication the development of DCIS years before a tumor can be detected by a mammography or skilled palpation. Statistics show that 40% of women have DCIS (from post-mortem research) and most of them never know that they have it. Only 2% go on to develop a blood supply called neo-angiogenesis which causes it to become invasive. Why would be choose to biopsy those with an indication of DCIS and risk spreading it outside of the duct where it can then become invasive? Visit our website for more statistics on DCIS at:

There are two factors in the development of breast cancer. One is an atypical cell developing with dysfunctional DNA and the second is a blood supply feeding this atypical cell growth called neo-angeogenisis. It is that simple!


How can we reverse breast cancer?

Nip it in the bud. When we have a warning sign of atypical cells then we need to boost our immune system by getting plenty of deep sleep (8 hours a night) because this is when the body repairs itself with lymphocytes – T cells, B cells and natural killer cells that actively eliminate abnormal cells. We also need to make sure we are not causing stress to the liver so it can clean out these cells. That means no alcohol or drug use (including medication) choose more use natural methods of treating health issues whenever possible.

What causes the blood supply to develop around feeding the atypical cell growth? Too much hormones! Specifically estrogen, but progesterone and testosterone can also convert into more estrogen. Synthetic hormones are the worst, that is: birth control pills and synthetic post-menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. We also find hormones in meats and by microwaving or heating in plastic we are exposed to Xeno-estrogens or estrogen mimicking toxins. They all lead to the development of neo-angeogenisis or a blood supply that develops around feeding a tumor growth. Two products I recommend to combat this situation is: 1. Calcium ‘d Glucarate which boosts phase two of the livers function to clean out too much estrogen (postmenopausal women may want to consider product 2, if they already have signs of low estrogen, such as vaginal dryness or atrophy of female organs) Product 2. Indolplex with DIM which is also great for women on birth control pills as it helps the pathway of the estradiol from converting to estrone (which causes neoangiogenesis). To build the immune system this company also puts out a product called Recancostat 400 with Reduced l’ Glutathione. To order all these three products call: 877-628-3477 use pin iti5568.


Using Thermography as a Screening/Monitoring Tool

The nice thing about Thermography as a breast-screening tool as it can distinguish neo-angeogenisis from normal blood supply. During your Thermography screening a series of thermal images is taken before and after you place your hands in cold water or on ice. This is called an autonomic challenge and neo-angeogenisis is nitrous oxide fill, which is a vassal dilator so it actually gets hotter after you hold ice where normal blood vessels will contract. This helps us to rate how advanced the blood supply to feed the cancerous tumor actually is. This technique can monitor if the protocol is being effective at reversing DCIS or if a more aggressive protocol should be added.


Support for the Immune System

I also recommend Acupuncture treatments and a product called Liver Support to increase liver function. To order Liver Support call: (800)962-4414. Keeping the bowels functioning properly by eating a balanced diet with lots of green leafy vegetables is very important. This is the bodies way of eliminating toxins so if it is not working then it will back up and overload the entire system.

Other products that build immune system and has been proven effective at reversing even metastatic breast cancer is: Turkey Tail Mushroom, to order this or a combination of immune support mushrooms go to: Supplements for immune support and breast cancer treatment are: LDN or Low Dose Nalrexone, which will need a Naturopathic Doctors prescription and Sweet Wormwood- Artemesinin Drops.


Other Important Considerations:

Avoid wearing synthetic bras as this hold the heat in an suppressed the natural flow of elimination from the lymphatic system. Massage Frankincense and other essential oils on the breasts daily allowing it to soak in all day. To optimum the oil as well as increase circulation of the lymphatic system to bring lymphocytes to the breast massage from under the arm pit down and around the breasts before you dress to let the oil soak in all day. There is evidence that low levels of Melatonin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 are found in women with breast cancer so is important to add these too your protocol. Also dietary wise eat more alkaline with lots of organicnon-GMO – green leafy vegetables and low carbohydrate such as grains, avoiding sugar including sweet fruitsexcept: berries, kiwi, plums as they are low glycemic index and get plenty of protein with grass fed organic meats/dairy/eggs, if you do eat animal products. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Together this comprehensive nutritional protocol reverses atypical breast in 80% of my patients.


About the Author:

Nancy Gardner-Heaven presented her doctorial thesis in the form of a 5 year documentation of case studies on ‘Reversing DCIS’, at the Annual Convention of the American Academy of Thermology at Auburn University where she was board certified as a Technician of Medical Thermology, in 2003. She studied to be a surgical nurse at Stanford University but the driving force to teach about preventing disease motivated her to add nutrition to her studies. As the CEO of the Thermo-Tech Inc. she offers Comprehensive Breast and Full Body Thermography Screening in Northern California and Hawaii. She has taught classes on preventing breast cancer and other life threatening diseases at San Francisco State University, U.C Berkeley and University of Hawaii. She is the only practitioner that offers free consultations to any woman with concerns about their breast health. To schedule an appointment call (209) 881-3044. Website at